Douglas Wright

Senior Pastor

At the early age of four Reverend Douglas Wright felt the call of God on his life. At the age of 16 he was ordained as a Deacon at the City Chapel Church in Uniontown where his spiritual journey began. Since the age of four, for more than 30 years, under the leadership of Pastor and Apostle Leonard Kirby he sang and ministered in music in various places, and churches.

Reverend Wright knew that God had placed a great calling on his life. The desire of wanting more and more of Jesus was indescribable.  Under Pastor Kirby after four years of being a deacon, God saw fit that it was time for a promotion, so at the age of 21 he was licensed as a Minister of the Gospel. Knowing that this is the greatest calling in the land, he did not take it lightly.

After preaching in many different cities and states, proclaiming the word of God, and seeing so many come to Jesus, once again God pulled on his heart and spoke to his spirit that it was now time to be elevated once more. So in in the summer of 2011, under the leadership of his Father and Pastor Marvin Wright Sr., the Pastor of the Mt. Ararat Baptist Church, Cardale, Pennsylvania he was Ordained as a Preacher of the Gospel.

Reverend Wright was thrilled that God saw fit to use him to preach, teach, and sing His Word. At Mt Ararat he served as the Youth Pastor, the Youth Mime and Youth Choir Director, as well as the Men’s Choir, and Mass Choir Director. He was also Armor Bearer to his Pastor and Father Marvin Wright.

After serving in the ministry for over 16 years Reverend Wright experienced so much in his life, ups and downs, twist and turns, but through it all he learned to trust in Jesus, and to absolutely trust in God. He is grateful that God is head of his life.

In October of 2015, God once again spoke and said it’s time to go another step further. Listening to the voice of God he chose Reverend Wright to Pastor Mt. Lebanon Baptist church in Brownsville, Pennsylvania. He is excited to see what God has in store for Mt. Lebanon Baptist Church, and thankful to be a part of it.

In addition to Mt. Lebanon Baptist Church, Reverend Wright also serves on the board of the East End Community Center, and the Children and Youth Advisory board.  He mentors many of the youth in the community. His favorite scripture is Isaiah 54:17, “No Weapon formed against you shall prosper, and every tongue which rises against you in judgment God shall condemn.”. His greatest prayer and desire is that all can come to the saving power of Jesus. To know him is to love him, and to love him is to serve him. God is so worthy of praise, and he surrenders his life for God to use him however he wishes. – “To God be the Glory!”.

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