5 Steps To Stir Up Your Faith

Do you feel like your faith could use a boost? Do you desire to be so strong in your faith that nothing the enemy sends your way distracts you from the promises of God? While there is no substitute for reading and studying God’s Word (Romans 10:17), there are ways to remind you of what the Word says and encourage you in applying that Word. So if you want ideas for stirring up your faith every day, here are five simple suggestions for doing just that:

  1. Listen to Spirit-led Ministers These wise men and women of God are a great resource for helping you understand and apply the Word of God in your daily life. Want to know who you can trust?
  1. Study The Word Make it a priority to study the word daily. You need God’s Word like you need food and water. It’s just that vital. You need to feed your spirit the Word of God to be effective and have success.

3. Pray – Make prayer a part of your daily life. Prayer with understanding and prayer in the spirit—a daily exercise. As you do, you’ll grow stronger in the Word of God and in your spiritual understanding.

  1. Fellowship With Other Christians Surrounding yourself with like-minded believers is a great way to encourage yourself, and allow you to share what you’re learning and how the Lord is working in your life. Join us and tap into a body of believers who can encourage you in your faith.
  1. Keep a Prayer Journal Maintaining a prayer journal is an excellent way to remind yourself of all the Lord has done for you in the past. Any notebook will do. Simply record your prayers as well as how and when they were answered. Over time, you will see just how faithful the Lord is!

Start implementing these simple strategies for stirring up your faith today. You’re sure to enjoy the benefits and security that come with keeping your heart and mind focused on your heavenly Father and His Word.