To Do The Impossible

Experience a Limitless Realm!

So often, we go through life hindered by the limitations of shackles that are either seen or unseen. We aspire to great expectations outwardly with little recognition that inwardly, we are limited by the measure of bondage that we carry through life.

In order to soar to new heights you have to first understand that you are absolutely able to do the impossible. Forget the encumbrances of your mind and reach well beyond that point to see a limitless realm where you can achieve great and immeasurable things. Why, you may ask, would anyone think something so foolish? The answer lies deep within your question. Why not? Why should you be bound by an image of failure and lack that flows freely. Why should you not live in the arena of more than enough? Understand that I’m not talking about material things, but the invisible, tangible realm of faith. The fact is, that on our own, we can do nothing, but with God all things are possible. Specifically, your faith in His power and His might is what you need to reach out and grab a hold of. That’s what thrusts you into the arena of limitless possibilities. Did you ever watch a small child? They’re fearless because they have no grasp of what they can’t do. That’s the kind of faith we need. We need to know that there’s nothing that God can’t do.

So, yes, you too can do the impossible. It’s not for selfish reasons or for boasting, but there is a world that is hurting and they need to know that there is a God Who can do exceeding abundantly above all that we can ask or imagine. Now that statement in itself is saying something and I can tell you that I have a vivid imagination and I’m not shy about asking my Father for anything. So to think that God said He can exceed by a far greater measure than I could ever imagine or ask – well, that’s saying a mouthful.

Let me tell you something, it doesn’t matter what you need, or how great that need is, it could be so great that you think, “Where do I even begin?” I have to tell you that I serve an awesome God and He’s absolutely able to do the impossible for you. Can I also tell you, that God loves you with an unfailing love and His love endures forever? It outlasts our mistakes, because we make plenty, it outlasts our shortcomings, because we will certainly fall short, but most of all, it outlasts our obstinance, because we can simply be too hard-headed for our own good.

The bottom line is that none of our past failures or mistakes matter to God. In spite of all else, He loves you still, and if you will allow Him, He’ll do a work in your life which no human hands can ever take the credit for. You will be a living testimony to the fact that, with God all things are possible and yes, you’ll be able to stand and show the world that you too, can do the impossible. It’s okay to call out to Him, He loves you and He’s listening, even now. The best part is, unlike talking to your friends or family, He can actually do something about your problems – He can fix them!